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Projects and Initiatives

Clientèle strives to ensure ethical business practices in its interaction with its employees and the public. In addition to upholding the general principles of good corporate governance, Clientèle aims to be recognised by all our stakeholders as a company that makes a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the communities that we operate in and serve.

Our commitment to South Africa is demonstrated through various initiatives, which involve staff, clients and the community at large. Corporate Social Investment is an important part of Clientèle’s strategies and objectives and is about more than just being a good corporate citizen, it is about giving back to the communities in which we operate, empowering them and ensuring that all projects are sustainable over a long period of time. Corporate Social Investment is a strategic objective of ours that filters through our business activities and is aligned to the Clientèle brand promise.

Winter Warmer Project 2018

Thursday, 22 August 2018. Thanks to the donations of Clientèle Staff, this year’s Winter Warmer project was a great success. Senior CSI Officer, Emily Molakeng and Communications Consultant Aimee Thatcher visited the United Cerebral Palsy Association of South Africa to deliver the donation to Johannes Makola, a senior staff member at UCPA, who was grateful to receive it. Corporate Social Investment is an instrumental part of Clientèle, striving to help those in need.  

Mission Madiba 2018

Thanks to the generosity of staff for this year’s Employee Giving donations, Clientèle was able to pay a great tribute to Nelson Mandela’s centenary.

500 food parcels were prepared and packed by Clientèle Staff for identified communities in need. None of this would have been possible without the aid of Clientèle staff, proving time and again how much Clientèle cares.

The Youth Development Initiative 2018

During the month of July, Clientèle hosted the Annual Youth Development Initiative.

This two day event targets grade nine to twelve learners who are at the critical age of feeling the pressure about shaping their professional future.

Clientèle staff were invited to bring their children to join, as well as youth from impoverished areas were provided transport to participate. Activities includedtours of the Clientèle office park, career assessment tests and discussions about real life problems to name a few. The learners left the Youth Day Initiative feeling inspired in what they can achieve to make their future goals a reality.

In charge of the event was Emily Molakeng, Senior CSI Officer at Clientèle, whose heart lies in the investment of others and knows the value this kind of initiative has on the youth.

Sharing some warmth this winter

What do you like about winter? Some of you might say hot chocolate, marshmallows, warm blankets, hot meals and more. Yet for many South Africans these things have little meaning.

On 22 June 2017, Clientèle staff donated new and old winter essentials, especially blankets and clothes, to assist Abanqobi Tingwazi Community Centre, a grassroots community organisation based in Orange Farm, in its mission to improve health, educational attainment, welfare and opportunities for youth.

Orange Farm is widely regarded as one of South Africa's largest informal settlements, with an estimated population of 76,767, who reside in 21,029 households. As a developing community challenged by various social ills, including, high rates of HIV/Aids and TB, poverty, child and women abuse, substance abuse, high unemployment and crime. Organisations like Abanqobi Tingwazi Community Centre have a valuable role in providing stability and hope as its residents gradually work to improve their lives.

"Clientèle believes in ploughing back and making a difference in people's lives. Winter Warmers is one of our many campaigns that we do to help our communities who are needy. Winter sees many people from disadvantaged communities going without warm clothes in the cold,” explains Emily Molakeng, Clientèle CSI Officer.

The Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre

Clientèle has been associated with the Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre for more than eight years. Located in Putfontein, Benoni, the Centre is a haven for 85 children. Ranging in age from two to eighteen, the children come from backgrounds of neglect, abandonment and exploitation. More than half of the children are orphans, many as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the resultant child-headed household phenomenon. Clientèle contributes to the funding of the Sithabile Home. The funds are used to buy food, clothing and other essentials. Several children from Sithabile have also received bursaries from the Group's Employee and IFA Bursary Scheme for the full duration of their tertiary education.

IFA and Employee Bursary Scheme

Each year the IFA Bursary Scheme awards over ten bursaries to the value of R50 000 per bursary per year. These bursaries are awarded to children whose parents are IFAs, permanent Clientèle employees, and children from the Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the IFA Network, our employees and the South African community. Since 2009, IFA has invested R3.47 million in the IFA Bursary Scheme giving deserving children an opportunity to study at some of South Africa’s quality tertiary institutions. Bursaries are granted for the duration of the qualification, for a maximum of four years (subject to successful university results) and are granted for the first degree or diploma undertaken (on initiation).

Employee Wellness and HIV/AIDS

Clientèle's policy on HIV/AIDS shows a clear commitment to the maintenance of a healthy work environment, by protecting the physical and emotional health and well-being of employees. The Group does not discriminate against employees with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, including HIV and AIDS. In practising the central promise of the policy, a formalised Employee Wellness programme is run in conjunction with an external wellness provider, Careways. The role of the Wellness programme is to provide our staff with information, guidance and support in terms of their overall wellbeing. Clientèle's staff and members of their immediate families have access to a range of specialised services that include, but are not limited to psychological counseling, debt rehabilitation, legal assistance and medical advice. In partnership with Lifesense Disease Management, employees that are HIV positive have access to free anti-retroviral medication, counseling, ongoing treatment, support and case management. In addition to this, as an extended benefit, all employees and their immediate families have access to a programme that seeks to prevent HIV infection via accidental exposure either through trauma or any other circumstance. As a service to all employees, an annual wellness testing campaign is conducted where employees can be voluntarily tested for sugar diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and HIV infection. This serves to increase awareness and highlights treatment options available to employees. Furthermore, National AIDS week is actively promoted with a range of awareness-related activities that include poster competitions, industrial theatre and prayer facilities.

Network Marketing Opportunity

Through the IFA Division, Clientèle has enabled ordinary South Africans to improve their lives and their lifestyles. Full support, training and administrative assistance is afforded to all members of the network. Through training initiatives an average of 20,000 Individuals per month receive training through the IFA Presenters network. In addition, a further average of at least 100 individuals per month receive specialised training on issues such as basic financial life skills and business building skills. +/- 95% of the demographic composition of our network is made up of historically disenfranchised individuals from disadvantaged communities. Click here to visit the IFA website


With a strong emphasis on the development of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, Clientèle actively pursues Learnerships. Clientèle is strongly focused on assisting individuals with either learning or physical disabilities.

Other Initiatives

Other national initiatives are supported throughout the year, including Casual Day which raises funds for disabled individuals, hosting of blood donor clinics and a support programme to Schools used as IFA Presentation Venues.

Environmental Sustainability

Clientèle recognises that while meeting the needs of its clients it has an impact on the environment directly and indirectly. Clientèle is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and employees in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.