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Get Life Cover from only R250 per month

Death is a difficult subject but one that everyone should be prepared for. Mourning the loss of a loved one is deeply traumatic and made even more difficult if they are left with financial burden. That’s why it is so important to plan ahead, to ensure all your debt is settled and your family are well-provided for in the event of your passing. Life cover is therefore one of the most important types of insurance and vital to ensuring your financial dependents are protected. Clientèle has extensive experience in providing life insurance plans that are affordable and will cover your family’s needs.


Key Features

  • Life cover from only R250 per month
  • Pay outs range from R20,000 to R200,000
  • Fast payments with first payment of R10,000 made within 48 hours
  • Benefit from cash back after every 60 premiums paid
  • Applications made easy with no medical examination required
  • You are covered immediately in the case of accidental death
  • Receive a cash advance of up to 75% of the benefit amount if diagnosed with a terminal illness