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01 Oct 17
Conduct yourself properly after dismissal

"There is no need for this drama. This is notHollywood.” Police Minister Fikile Mbaluladeclared after fi red Hawks boss, BerningNtlemeza showed up for work despite beingfi red, taking a work car and a cellphone as well.Mbalula said he would issue a warrant of arrestif Ntlemeza did not return the car and cellphone.

The Police Minister has a good point. Real life isnot like Hollywood and how you conduct yourselfduring any process of dismissal can harm yourfuture chances of getting work or negotiating thebest settlement you can.

It is your right as an employee to be paid anyoutstanding amounts owing to you, but youcannot take company property, eg: a car andcellphone, if you are not happy with the outcome.Negotiations must be done properly.

Your Clientèle Legal lawyer can be great professionalsupport during this time.

You must make sure you receive your UIF formsand paperwork relating to your pension fund.The employer must also provide you with acertifi cate of service that sets out the starting andtermination dates of your employment, a briefdescription of the work you did and how muchyou were being paid.

When you are dismissed, you must make sure youadhere to any confi dentiality or other agreementsyou might have signed while employed.

If you feel the dismissal was unfair, you have 30days to refer the matter to the CCMA/BargainingCouncil. At conciliation, the commissioner atthe CCMA/Bargaining Council will try to get thematter settled between the parties. If that doesnot work, the matter can proceed to arbitrationand even, the Labour Court. Avoid it going thatfar by playing and working fair.

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